Scala, Maven and Eclipse

Lately I’ve been studying the basics of Scala language (see http://www.scala-lang.org); after reading a bit and trying something in scala command-line interpreter, I started to try it on Eclipse to build some more complex – and hopefully useful – code.

After installing the plugin for Eclipse Galileo (http://www.scala-lang.org/node/94) I’ve tried my first test. Everything ran fine. So, I went one step further: integrate it with Maven (I admit to be a Maven-fan). Thus, I installed the latest M2Eclipse plugin, version 0.10.

Unfortunately, I got several errors on compiling which made impossible to perform any test.
I googled for the problem and found some tutorial, but unfortunately nothing worked.

I tried to use an older verson of M2Eclipse (0.9.8, http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/sites/archives/, the version I’ve always used). Now it works. I had to pay attention only to a point: after creating the project with scala-archetype-simple, I had to switch to the Scala perspective and then right-clicking my project, Scala->Add Scala Nature.
Now everything works fine.

Hope this can help


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