Install SpamAssassin on Windows Server 2008 as a service

Here is a little tutorial on how to install SpamAssassin on Windows Server 2008 as system service:

  • Download and install the binary version of SpamAssassin (for example http://www.jam-software.com/spamassassin/)
  • Download NSSM (http://iain.cx/src/nssm/) and put the nssm.exe within Windows directory.
    This is a wrapper to run spamd as service on Windows.
  • Now in a console type “nssm install SpamAssassin”, choose the spamd.exe file from the installation directory of SpamAssassin and put your parameters into the Options field.
  • Click on the install button and have a look to the server services. Here you have the SpamAssassin service ready to start.

Bye, marco.


6 thoughts on “Install SpamAssassin on Windows Server 2008 as a service

  1. Hi,

    Now I’m in the third step to run the spamd.exe, it just stop as below, who know what is the problem?

    Sep 15 14:55:03.911 [4720] info: spamd: server started on port 783/tcp (running
    version 3.3.1)
    Sep 15 14:55:03.912 [4720] info: spamd: server pid: 4720
    Sep 15 14:55:04.004 [4720] info: spamd: server successfully spawned child proces
    s, pid -5692
    Sep 15 14:55:04.091 [4720] info: spamd: server successfully spawned child proces
    s, pid -924
    Sep 15 14:55:04.092 [4720] info: prefork: child states: IS
    Sep 15 14:55:04.093 [4720] info: prefork: child states: II

    Kong Fei

  2. Hi,
    it’s not properly an error. The log “info: prefork: child states: II” means that the two children processes are in idle status


  3. Hi Marco,

    So we just leave the command prompt there for running?

    May I know after run the spamd.exe, where are the location for key in the parameter?

    And also in the 4th step, where to click the install button?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kong Fei

  4. Hi Marco,

    Please ignore above question as I’m doing in the wrong way.

    BTW, may i know the parameter mean what? is it domain name?

    Kong Fei

  5. Hi Marco,

    Finally the service is running. The parameter name I key in my domain name.

    Your step is very useful for us.

    Thanks a lot!! ^-^

    Kong Fei

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