E-marketing part II: today’s marketing approach

I’m here to sum up some interesting things I’ve read about “marketing 3.0” and some other papers. More about the book here.

According to the book, marketing was initially conceived to improve the products quality, then move to create a partnership with customers and today again finding ways to ameliorate humans’ life.
Marketing 1.0: product centric marketing
Marketing 2.0: consumer-oriented marketing
Marketing 3.0: values-driven marketing

As stated by Nielsen Survey, consumers trust advertising that come from people they know or opinions posted online more than the one created by companies.
This is quite intriguing and proves that consumers have lost their faith in business procedures.
I do personally agree that marketing is relatively responsible for this because it is treated like selling or even a job whose aim is to persuade and sell.
We all need to recover from this, in primis, understanding that consumers’ nowadays trust more to acquaintances or communities and so if you want their trust you need to be part of their loyal “friends”.

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